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Group Lessons

Beginner Ski Lessons to Teach the Fundamentals for Kids

Group lessons are offered on Saturdays beginning at 9:30am or 11am.

Private Lessons

Personalized Lessons to Teach the Fundamentals and Build Confidence for Both Kids and Adults

Schedule private lessons by contacting
Emily Wirth via email or text at
(315) 729-3660.



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Lisa Wirth

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Emily Wirth

Emily learned to ski when she was 4 right here at Skaneateles Ski Hill. Once she got good enough she joined the Race Program at the hill, later racing at Toggenburg Mountain until she was 15. Once ending her racing career she started helping with the lesson program as well as private lessons.


Eric Robinson

Eric learned to ski when he was 5 at the East Hill in Camillus. Once he got the hang of it, he took advantage of any hill on or around his family farm and would build jumps and ski all day. He first began teaching lessons at Song Mountain and has now been teaching for about 25 years.

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