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Our goal is to develop community through a safe, affordable, and fun place for families to enjoy winter activities.

The Skaneateles Ski Club was established in 1959. Our founding members, Chas Hinds, Les Harvey, Arve Wilkstrom, Sig Wuerslin, Brad Arnold, John Davidson, Tip Lipe, Don Cross, Clif Shane, and Jack Berning, were dedicated winter sport enthusiasts who wanted to establish a ski club for the community. Together, they purchased 33 acres of land from a local farmer and got to work. They cleared land, made trails, constructed buildings, and built lifts. We owe the existence of this local gem to them.

We have one main tow rope that runs to the top of the hill, approximately 350 vertical feet above our warm and rustic lodge. The bunny hill has our second tow rope, perfect for anyone learning. We have our own snowmaking equipment so as long as it's cold enough - we'll be making snow! Our night lights and groomed trails provide fun for all.

The hill continues to be a hub for the local community bringing together locals around winter recreation. Every year the bunny hill is buzzing with kids and adults learning to ski and snowboard.

As a 501(c)(3) charitable organization, your donations to the Skaneateles Ski Club are tax deductible. We are currently seeking donations for our capital improvement plan which includes piping and increased pond capacity to support snowmaking and hill drainage improvement projects.

As a member-owned and volunteer-run ski hill, we have existed for over 60 years because of individuals in our community who have generously given their time, talents, and treasure to keeping the hill the local gem it is.

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want to get involved?

Use the contact form below, reach out to any current board member, or send an email to As a member-owned and volunteer-run hill, we depend on generous individuals willing to contribute.

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